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Connected Drones

Vodafone is preparing to welcome connected drones to its global network.

Mobile network infrastructure offers many capabilities for putting cellular connected drones to good use. Vodafone first set foot in the drone scene in 2016 and we have been innovating ever since. Find out more about our latest trials and technology developments by exploring our published papers and articles.

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Dynamic No-Fly Zone Allocation

Using the mobile network to improve drone operation safety.

Vodafone Radio Positioning System

Geo-locating drones using network information.

Interference Mitigation

Overcoming drone generated interference.

More about our drone trials

Vodafone network takes to the sky to ensure safe passage for drones

Vodafone and Ericsson have successfully tested safe sky corridors for drones using intelligent aspects of the mobile network.

Connecting the skies with Vodafone

Ensuring that thousands of drones flying at altitude do not cause connectivity issues for users on the ground is no easy task. With connected drones in the air generating increased interference, we at Vodafone have been busy developing new technologies to overcome such adverse effects.

Vodafone successfully trials dynamic drone no-fly zones

We have recently become the first company in the world to show how mobile technology can be used to prevent drones interfering with controlled/high security areas, crime...

Vodafone begins mapping the skies using drones

There are geographical maps, political maps, climatic maps, humorous maps, but now for the first time there is a map of the sky designed just for drones. We have been in...

Vodafone Completes First European Trial Of Mobile Tracking And Control Technology For Long Distance Drone Flights

In the first trial of its kind in Europe, Vodafone Group, the world leader in Internet of Things (IoT) services for business, has successfully demonstrated how mobile ne...

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