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What if... ...everyone could stay connected whenever, wherever?

The ability to connect with each other online, to talk, and share the experiences that bind us together is an essential part of modern life. From staying in touch with families or friends, to businesses managing to keep running, or the delivery of essential public services such as education or healthcare, we rely on digital connectivity every day.

Recent events have vividly demonstrated the importance of connectivity. Vodafone has worked tirelessly with governments, public services and businesses large and small, as well as supporting our retail customers, to deliver the vital connectivity we’ve all needed. Now is a time of transformation.

Join us in working together to ensure that no one is left behind as we build a new digital society.

Keeping Europe Connected

Across Europe, our CEOs have reflected on the challenges society has faced during the COVID-19 crisis and explained how Vodafone has worked to keep people, businesses and essential public services connected – as well as exploring how we can make sure our societies can rebuild stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Aldo Bisio

CEO Vodafone Italy

Anne O'Leary

CEO Vodafone Ireland

Amanda Nelson

CEO Vodafone Hungary

Haris Broumidis

CEO Vodafone Greece

Murielle Lorilloux

CEO Vodafone Romania

Achilleas Kanaris

CEO Vodafone Albania

Keeping society connected

We’re helping society keep running through good and difficult times, in four key areas:


Vodafone is committed to helping create a fair and inclusive digital society for all Europeans.


Businesses are a vital creator and contributor to economic growth; creating jobs, supporting communities and partnering with government.


Society is reliant upon governments providing essential services, especially in health and education.


Now, more than ever, we need the safe, resilient and capable communications infrastructure and networks that can keep us all connected.

Now is the time to build a stronger, more resilient Europe. A Europe that makes sure all its citizens, from Castlebar to Crete, are able to enjoy the benefits of a truly digital society, underpinned by high quality, secure and robust networks.

To achieve this, we need a joined up approach to deliver:

  • harmonised connectivity standards to ensure rapid and consistent digitalisation within European industry sectors;

  • incentives for all businesses to have digital resilience and continuity plans so they can respond strongly during times of crisis and drive far-reaching societal benefits;

  • digital solutions that drive and enhance equality and fairness in society, especially in health, education and other fundamental public services.

Supporting resilience across Europe

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