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Building our digital recovery

We have all experienced rapid changes to how we work, live and interact with each other in recent months. Behaviours have adapted; ways of working have altered; and things we took for granted have changed forever.

Now is the time to rethink our societies and our economies and make sure we build a stronger economically secure and more resilient future. A future that is more inclusive, greener and fairer. A future that embraces the best technology to shape a Europe that works for everyone.


Democratising Technology

Speaking at the annual Singularity University, Joakim Reiter argues that Europe needs to rethink its entire policy approach to digital infrastructure, and democratise technology in order to create jobs, economic growth and an inclusive society.

Read his full speech here.

Joakim Reiter, Group External Affairs Director

90 for 27

Creating a greener, fairer, more digital society means we need to make sure we are investing in the right infrastructure and services that will deliver new jobs and economic growth.

If all 27 member states worked now to achieve a score of 90 on the DESI, we can be sure that we are building a truly digital society.

Europe can build back better, stronger, and more resilient if we all get behind 90 for 27.

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