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Our commitment to safety

We take safety extremely seriously in our operations. Keeping the people who work for us safe is one of our most fundamental responsibilities. We promote our approach across our industry with leading safety standards, insisting on high safety practices from our employees, contractors and suppliers, and engaging with customers and peers.

Our commitment to safety does not differentiate between our own employees and contractors and our suppliers’ employees and contractors.

We want everyone working with Vodafone to return home safely every day. Any injury or any loss of life related to our operations is unacceptable. It is therefore with great regret that we report two recordable fatalities this year. We provide the context for those deaths on our safety data page.

Our absolute rules on safety

The Vodafone Absolute Rules on safety focus on risks that present the greatest potential for harm for anyone working for or on behalf of Vodafone. The Absolute Rules are clear and underpinned by a zero-tolerance approach to unsafe behaviours in all of our businesses.

Vodafone employees and contractors, and our suppliers’ employees and contractors, must:

Always wear seatbelts when travelling in or operating vehicles

Never exceed speed limits or travel at speeds that are dangerous for the type of vehicle or conditions

Always use suitable personal protective equipment, a safety harness and fall protection when working at height

Never use a hand-held phone while driving and only make calls by pulling over or using hands-free devices, when it is safe to do so

Never carry out electrical work on electrical equipment, circuits and gear if they are not qualified

Never undertake any street or underground work activities unless competent to do so

Never work under the influence of substances (alcohol or drugs) that are illegal or in excess of legal levels or where this impairs the individual’s ability to perform tasks

Keeping our people safe is a fundamental responsibility

We promote leading safety standards across our business, and insist on high standards of safety practices from all those who work for us or with us.

Our safety strategy focuses on the most significant risks

The Absolute Rules on safety focus on those risks – such as road risk and working at height or with electricity – that present the greatest potential harm for anyone working for us or on our behalf. They are underpinned by a zero-tolerance approach to unsafe behaviour.

Monitoring and reporting on our safety performance is essential

To ensure everyone who works with or for us recognises the importance of safety rules, we monitor and report our safety performance. We want our own teams, our suppliers, our stakeholders and others in our industry to learn from the performance data we share.

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