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Child online safety

Technology has many benefits, but it also brings some challenges for young people, such as bullying and sexting.

Here at Vodafone, we're committed to helping children and teenagers get the most out of technology and become more confident and resilient when they are online. We created this Child Online Safety website to support parents, carers and teachers and also to provide resources for young people themselves. It's full of expert advice, 'how to' guides and information about other Vodafone initiatives, so that you can help your child or student to make the right digital choices.

Learn more about child online safety

Parents and carers

In this section, we look at the challenges your child might face online and provide ‘how to’ guides and expert advice.


We offer a range of free resources so you can help your students to use their digital devices safely and responsibly.

Young People

If you’re a young person, we’re here to help you, your friends and your siblings in the digital world.

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