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Operating responsibly

Acting responsibly and with integrity is critical to securing the long-term success of our company.

Just as important as our commitment to delivering positive social outcomes is our determination to ensure we act responsibly and with integrity wherever we operate: what we do matters but so does how we work. We strive to ensure we always act lawfully, ethically and with integrity wherever we operate, supported by our strong commitment to corporate transparency. Our strong commitment to corporate transparency is evidenced through our programmes which address the areas that are the focus of public debate.

Human rights

We respect human rights, including our customers’ rights to privacy and freedom of expression

We recognise our responsibility to respect the human rights of every individual who works for us, either as an employee or through our supply chain, of our customers and of the communities close to our operations.

Tax and our total contribution

We are committed to being transparent about our tax strategies, policies, practices and the taxes we pay across our entire footprint

As a major investor, taxpayer and employer, we make a significant contribution to the economies of all the countries in which we operate. Our tax report sets out our total contribution to public finances on a cash-paid basis. The information we share aims to help our stakeholders understand our approach, policies and principles.

Supply chain integrity

We are working to ensure integrity in our supply chains by managing risk and building supplier capability

Our businesses rely on international supply chains that span multiple tiers. We work with our suppliers, partners and peers to drive responsible and ethical behaviour and high standards across our supply chain as we recognise there are many different labour rights and safety and environmental risks inherent within such a complex supply chain.

Our commitment to workplace safety

Keeping the people who work for us safe is one of our most fundamental responsibilities

We take safety extremely seriously in our operations and aim to promote our approach across our industry by demonstrating leading safety practices, insisting on high standards from our suppliers and engaging with customers and peers. Our commitment to safety does not differentiate between our own employees, our contractors or our suppliers’ employees and contractors; all of whom benefit from the same focus on preventing harm, both on our worksites and when working or moving between sites.

Mobile, masts and health

We take a leading role in the way our industry responds to public concerns about mobiles, masts and health

The health and safety of our customers and the wider public is a priority for Vodafone. While our mobile devices and masts operate well within the guidelines set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, we recognise that in a number of countries there is still some public concern regarding the electromagnetic frequency emissions from mobile devices and base stations. We endeavour to address these concerns by providing up-to-date, open, transparent information on our website and by engaging with local communities.

Child online safety

We're committed to helping children and teenagers get the most out of technology

We're committed to helping children and teenagers get the most out of technology and become more confident and resilient when they are online.

Code of conduct

Working in?The Digital Vodafone Way

Our Code of Conduct sets out what we expect from every single person working for and with Vodafone. It also underlines our responsibilities to our people, partners and shareholders.

Domestic violence and abuse

Domestic violence and abuse

Over the past ten years, Vodafone Foundation has connected more than one million people affected by domestic abuse to the help and advice they need.

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