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Inclusion for all

We believe that the opportunities and promise of a better digital future should be accessible to all.

As digitisation dramatically increases the rate of change and pace of innovation, unless it is inclusive, it can widen existing divides in our societies. Our goal therefore is also to democratise digitisation, making sure everyone can benefit from technology. Similarly, we need to focus on the human aspects of digital connectivity and content and how they impact our lives.

We aim to contribute to building an inclusive digital society where no one is left behind, across all ages and socio-economic groups, from those in rural settings to our growing cities making technology relevant and accessible to everyone.

By connecting an additional 20 million women living in Africa and Turkey to mobile by 2025

Through specially designed products and services, we will help to improve health and wellbeing, create financial inclusion and increase safety and security, so women can reach their full potential.

By becoming the world’s best employer for women by 2025

We will help thousands of women to progress their careers, stimulating lost economic activity for the benefit of all.

By supporting 10 million young people to access digital skills, learning and employment opportunities by 2022

We will help to upskill the next generation and support them to succeed in the digital economy.

By providing 100,000 opportunities for young people to receive a digital learning experience at Vodafone by 2022

5,710 new recruits aged 26 or under joined Vodafone across our global footprint.

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Digital Society

We believe in a connected digital society, where data flows at speed, connecting people, communities and things to the internet like never before.


We believe that urgent and sustained action is required to address climate change and that business success should not come at a cost to the environment.